Saturday, May 22, 2010

War rumours

In the midst of my campaign I am bombarded with war rumours. This is bound to happen with the ease of access to the highways, broadbands, emails and internet. There are as many war rumours as there are victims of the war and survivors and caregivers. And there are even more war rumours coming from unscrupulous war scavengers, always ever ready to make money from casualties victims and survivors. These war scavengers will even sell junk technologies, nutrition’s and new magic cures. There is NO ONE MAGIC CURE. There will always be more disinformation than information.

All war rumours from victims and survivors from the war, are generally genuine and sincere, we should not discard them totally as they mean well. However they are always not necessary workable solutions. Unscrupulous corporations will use the vulnerability of victims’ want to survive. Victims want Hope. Any Hope. Unscrupulous corporations act like angels, but they are disguised in clever psychological and marketing techniques. Values in their products are hyped up stuff.

I am in part, a war rumour myself. I will continue to dig up war rumours in search of a genuine remedy for myself and other victims. But how do I separate the chaff from the stalk? I apply my own rules of engagement as follows:

1. Successful war rumours from survivors are generally genuine. They are worth a second thought.

2. War rumors supported by medical researchers are fairly good. However they need more independent researches and confirmation.

3. A good rule of engagement is not to take it in totality. Look for the caveats and motives of the rumour. Bad rumours will stand out like a sore thumb.

4. Always listen and read the fine prints and also in-between the lines.

5. I will be very cautious if it is a free trail as they are always filled with hidden costs. They say that there is no free lunch.

6. I am also apprehensive of some testimonials supporting the products.

7. I always test the products using the ‘truth of the matter test’.

8. If a person says it is 100% good, it is 100% junk.

9. I always visit regulated sources for information. My guiding foundation will always be based from Dr David Servans-Schreiber’s book ‘Anti cancer: A new way of life’

10. There is no one cure for all. If the product does not pinpoint t a specific type of cancer, it is to be discarded.

We should never allow our fears and hopelessness distort the truth of the matter. We do not have fears and hopelessness as help is always at hand.

Allen Lai

Lesson learnt No 9

GOD won’t grant us our wants, HE will always grant us our needs. We will have to work it out to get our wants from HIS grants.

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