Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Radiological Fallout

12 May 2010 0900 hrs

At the close of Fireplan HUKM, my terrain is badly burnt and scorched, particularly in the target areas. There is no real NBC warfare gears or personnel wears for protection against radiological beams. Only lead material can block radiological beams, and that is very heavy to suit up.

Radiological fallout is far more severe and devastating than NBC fallout. There are some prescribed remedies for personnel affected by NBC fallouts, but not radiological fallouts. Radiological beams are essentially photons or electrons elements that will ‘fry’ you from inside out. It goes through anything save lead. Traumas and side-effects derived from radiological threats are very difficult to stabilize. You wouldn’t want to come to the frontline to see for yourselves, the many casualties in the battlefield. I see them every day. I am glad to have been a soldier. I am trained and is more capable to manage battle stress and battle fatigue. I have leadership talents and skills carved into me for the whole period of my service. I am glad to be a Gunner. I can see the big picture. I must lead by example, I must teach survival skills to the less knowledgeable. I must not display my fears and worries. I had been a CO and BC. I am decisive. I must remain strong to bring everybody home safe.

I had agreed with the CO of the Radiological Regiment to go ahead with his fireplan. It would mean agreeing to what we call a Scorch Earth Policy. Burn everything, leave nothing for the enemy. If we the enemy with radiological fire, then we must be prepared to sacrifice our front line troops nearest the targets as well. I have no option. I must be strong. The CO had also explained that he would tailor his fireplan to my terrain. I am strong and fit enough to withstand 30 fire missions.

Today the CO had ordered Check firing on the 20th fire mission. Stop by Safety!! My terrain is badly scorched and marred. The whole terrain had dried up and dehydrated. I itch in most parts and my terrain had become very brittle. A normal minor scratch would bring out blood. My terrain is literally hot throughout the day and night, inspite air-conditioning. I am beginning to suffer hypothermia. The state of dehydration had caused diarrhea. My blood pressure is now around 90/55 and dropping.

The CO needs to modify the fireplan for the safety of my surviving troops.

Allen Lai

Lessons learnt No 4

Cancer does not choose its victims. We allow cancer cells to grow in our bodies.


  1. I really admire your positive attitude and strong character Sir. Looking forward to read more of your amazing SITREP.
    Good Luck Sir!

    Kind Regards,
    Capt Rozhan (R)