Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review of the Situation

06 May 2010 0400 hrs
The battle is still raging as I start to ponder.
What is happening ? WHY me ? There MUST be a mistake somewhere. People makes mistakes. Right? Intreps have shown how the enemy had advanced to Stage Three. Steady I said to myself. I must remain calm. I must remain calm at all cost because I must display leadership and control.
I thought about the basics. It must start with the basics. We have always been told to go back to the basics. Do an appreciation or do a SWOT appraisal, but what ever do not panic. I started to look at my terrain.
I am male and 66 years old. I should have about 6 trillion troops under command. Our troops are organized as cells, nodes and organs. I would have about 2 trillion combat troops and the remainder combat support and logistics troops. Combat troops seek and destroys enemy troops wherever there is a a contact. They fight 24 /7 hours without taking any annual leave.
My troops recruit and retrench on a daily basis. They are fairly organized and regulated. They form designated defense lines with self immunizer units. However they need high value supplies and food. But immunizer units degrade over time and age. At my age I admit some combat troops do loose their firefights sometimes. I maintain regular PULHEEMS checkups and ARTEP tests to ensure that my troops are FE always and fairly fit for battle. But alas I admit to being complacent for quite some time. I had taken things for granted. My troops soon became inferior to the enemy. This is the truth of the matter.
I then considered the enemy. I must respect the enemy. Sun Tzu had advised us to know our enemy.
The enemy comprised mainly from Free Radicals, they had mutinied and are running amok. The enemy is sustained in anaerobic conditions in the terrain. It avoids an alkaline situation and strives with happy hours in acidic conditions in the terrain. The enemy cohorts quickly with other radicals known as carcinogens.

When the enemy gathers enough strength, it will metastasis into our main stream lifelines and limp nodes. The enemy’s thrust and push will be almost impossible to contain. They form strong colonies called Tumours.
We also know the enemy does kamikaze style apoptosis when given certain type of food. It actually commits suicide. The enemy is very vulnerable to deception. Big idiots, if I must say.
I conclude that I must fight on grounds of my own choosing. I must fight an unconventional warfare. I must first contain the enemy and then blast the enemy with Chemical and Radiological arsenals. I must create an alkali and oxygenated environment in my terrain, by consuming good nutrients and exercising.
Last but not least I must call up my Higher Reserves. I must open up my communication channels to GOD. I cannot communicate with HIM if I am not calm, if I remain angry and frustrated. I am blessed that I have received great calmness and strength from HIM and my signals to him are always answered, even when my messages are relayed to HIM by my family members and friends. GOD bless all of them.
I am glad to be a fighter, a Gunner fighter at that.
So much for now. Lets adjourn to the officers’ mess in the field for a drink. Cheers.

Allen Lai

Lesson learnt No 2.

Don’t ever take your life for granted. It is vulnerable.

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