Sunday, April 27, 2014


On 24th April 2014, 1 Arty (Para) hosted a visit by Ex UK/AUS/NZ Gunners and wives who had served in Terendak in the sixties. The CO and men of the Regiment put on their best  to give the visitors a time of their life that they shall never forget. WELL DONE GUYS!!!Some of the visitors have been there before, but never experienced such hospitality. Even the 10 Bde (Para) Commander dropped by for lunch to meet the guests. WELL DONE PANGLIMA! After a tour of the camp and lunch the time to depart was indeed made memorable when someone uttered, "It brings tears to my eyes when I saw the exact spot where I slept as a young lad was still there". Again and again the guests spoke of such unbelievable hospitality. Actually, they formed a part of a larger group which comprised people who lived in Terendak as kindergarten kids! Imagine their delight to revisit and rekindle their memories. Two representatives of the Gunners Club Committee were also there to establish links.