Thursday, October 8, 2015

Photo updates September 2015

These Gunners' photo update were taken during the recent Return to Kajang Get-together. in September 2015. Some of the names are missing and I apologise not being to remember them off hand. Give me some time and I will insert the names accordingly. Heh I am seventy one years old and have the norms of forgetting names.

If you can help out, please write their names in the comments below, first name from the top of the photos without their names. I appreciate your help.

Thank you

Allen Lai

Mej. Mukhtar

Mej. Jen. Dato'Rohisha

Mej. Samsudin


Lt Col Mohd Nadzri

Lt Col Ab Aziz

Mej. A. Latif

Lt Col.Abdul Aziz 

Col.Bakar Salleh

Mej. Mustaffa

Mej.Jen. Dato Husin Tahak

Lt Jen.Dato Jaffar Mohammed

Lt Col Abdullah


Lt Col. Hamdan

Lt Col.Hamzah


Lt Col.Maskan

Mej.Oh Teng Lim

Lt Col. Omar Mohammed

Mej (KM) Rahman

Brig Jen Dato Mohd Rais


 Lt Col.Sidambaram

 Lt Col.Masoud

Brig Jen. Dato Yusri

Col Zanib

Mej (KM) Yazid

Yusuf Mahat

Kapt. Ahmad Suhaini

 Lt Col.Ali Baharom

 Brig Jen.Dato Hadi

Col.Ho Wah Juan

Saturday, October 3, 2015

More Gems

We had a very good get-together during the Return to Kajang bash. There were many old Gunners which we had not met for some time. I managed to capture some photos during the occasion.

 Lt Col.Ahmad Daud

 Lt. Kamaruzaman

 Kapt.Kenny Koh

Mej.Lee Kong Kok


 Mej. Ramlee

 Lt Col.Omar Boyce

 Mej (KM) Raj


 Mej.Syed Hussein

Lt Col.Tony Chia 

Hope to see more of above Gunners at our get-together. Everybody is all smiles.

Allen Lai