Thursday, October 8, 2015

Photo updates September 2015

These Gunners' photo update were taken during the recent Return to Kajang Get-together. in September 2015. Some of the names are missing and I apologise not being to remember them off hand. Give me some time and I will insert the names accordingly. Heh I am seventy one years old and have the norms of forgetting names.

If you can help out, please write their names in the comments below, first name from the top of the photos without their names. I appreciate your help.

Thank you

Allen Lai

Mej. Mukhtar

Mej. Jen. Dato'Rohisha

Mej. Samsudin


Lt Col Mohd Nadzri

Lt Col Ab Aziz

Mej. A. Latif

Lt Col.Abdul Aziz 

Col.Bakar Salleh

Mej. Mustaffa

Mej.Jen. Dato Husin Tahak

Lt Jen.Dato Jaffar Mohammed

Lt Col Abdullah


Lt Col. Hamdan

Lt Col.Hamzah


Lt Col.Maskan

Mej.Oh Teng Lim

Lt Col. Omar Mohammed

Mej (KM) Rahman

Brig Jen Dato Mohd Rais


 Lt Col.Sidambaram

 Lt Col.Masoud

Brig Jen. Dato Yusri

Col Zanib

Mej (KM) Yazid

Yusuf Mahat

Kapt. Ahmad Suhaini

 Lt Col.Ali Baharom

 Brig Jen.Dato Hadi

Col.Ho Wah Juan

Saturday, October 3, 2015

More Gems

We had a very good get-together during the Return to Kajang bash. There were many old Gunners which we had not met for some time. I managed to capture some photos during the occasion.

 Lt Col.Ahmad Daud

 Lt. Kamaruzaman

 Kapt.Kenny Koh

Mej.Lee Kong Kok


 Mej. Ramlee

 Lt Col.Omar Boyce

 Mej (KM) Raj


 Mej.Syed Hussein

Lt Col.Tony Chia 

Hope to see more of above Gunners at our get-together. Everybody is all smiles.

Allen Lai

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Return to Kajang

Gunners all

1 Field Battery Federation Artillery

The above Gunners returned to Kajang for a nostalgic get-together on Saturday 19 September 2015. The official photograph of the pioneer Gunners of 1 Field Battery Federation Artillery raised on 15 August 1957 was epic and was proudly displayed during the High Tea event at the Oriental Crystal Hotel Kajang. I was glad that I was able to attend this auspicious occasion as I was able to meet many Gunners whom I had not seen for many years. I believe that Gunners who had unfortunately passed on would be present with us too.

Oriental Crystal Hotel was the main landmark to Kem Kajang, which was just 500 metres away. Sadly there were no more significant landmarks to identify the camp site. Kajang is now a busy major metropolitan, Kajang Satay and all.

We were delighted that 31ARTY will be relocated to Kajang in the near future, giving us a perpetual link to our historical past.

Take care all until we meet again year after year.

Once a Gunner

Allen Lai

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A tribute to Gunners

This is a tribute to Gunners. Every Gunner whether Officers or Orther Ranks. Ubique. Everywhere. I feel that this tribute, small as it were from me, brings me great joy being a Gunner myself and I had come a long way associated with Gunners, guns and firepower. The RA shall be celebrating Ubique 300 in 2016, a mere 300 years compared to the thousand of years since the invention of the gun powder in the 9th century and the begining of the field artillery in the 15th century. Down the time scale, I note to being half a century as a Gunner. New Gunners, Old Gunners, Retired Gunners, feel the same all over the world. Proud, confident and assured always that we Gunners are real force multiplyers in any confilcts. We had always played the critical role in any given combat situation. We provide the covering fire, defensive fire, harassing fire and illuminations and smoke screens when needed. We have light, medium and heavy fire support roles covering the whole width and depth of the battlefield. Artillery is King of the battlefield. A battery of field artillery is worth a thousand muskets.

It does not matter whether we are at priority calls, in direct support or in support, we had always delivered. Guns come in all sizes and calibres. Gunners are all high calibres. High achievers in most armies in the world. The best West Pointers were generally commisioned into the Enginers or Artillery corps. In Malaysia, selected and short listed cadets in the FMC/RMC were commisioned to the Federation/Malaysian Artillery. General Chiang Kai Shek, Kuomintang Army had said "war is not only a matter of equipment, artillery, group troops or air force; it is largely a matter of spirit and morale. He was an artillery officer. Napoleon Bonaparte was perhaps the most famous of all Gunners. And of course many Gunners had became Chiefs of Defence Forces / Chief of Armies of their countries.

The RA had 62 Victoria Cross medals awardees.This speaks volumes for British Gunners. We all had learnt at the Staff and Defence Colleges the values of rapprochment and deterrence, but don't we all swear by the barrels of the guns?

Gunners are genuinely ubiquitous, Gunners had fought in all the world wars; in Conventional warfares, Jungle warfares, Urban warfares and had manned UN peace keeping/peace enforcing forces all over the world. No tribute is more satisfying than a simple "Well done Gunners"

On personal level I had come along way. 

I was particularly proud to have worn the iconic cannon cap badge in my songkok, the cross barrels insignia on my chest, the red landyard on my right shoulder and of course the red, blue and yellow stablebelt. I was a respected participant in all our local and international exercises and also during my various visits to neighbouring countries as a representive of our Malaysian Army.

Truth be told, I had passed all my army promotion examinations without much fuss. The rather wide stablebelt stood up for me during map reading and tactics practical exams. The BC course that I had attended in the school of Artliiery, Manly Australia focused more of the combat arms battle picture than of gunnery. Hence I was good in tactics as I was good in gunnery.

A big thank you and tribute is also given to the owner of this blog for allowing us to keep part of our Malaysian Artillery's history and experiences alive.

I share his toast here:

A Toast to the Guns. 

By them we live, For them we would die.
Whatever the Mission,We'll give it a try.
We'll serve them with Honor For they are the ones;
That make us 'Gunners',

So here's to the Guns: TO THE GUNS!! 

Gunners are truly Ubique. Everywhere.

Once a Gunner always a Gunner.

Allen Lai

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

An amazing experience of firing a 84 Gun salute

Actual Photo curtesy of AP's video archive

I had the honour to fire the gun salute for our Captain General Queen Elizabeth II's first visit to Malaysia on 23 February 1972 at Port Klang. AND hence was the first ever Malaysian Gunner to fire the rare traditional 84 gun salute for her majesty's visit. a rare honour indeed.

I did some research for the visit, as come next year, we will be celebrating Ubique 300. The RA will be 300 years old and I was part of its history. I was delighted to find a video of the Captain General's visit archived by the Associated Press (AP)

Do note that our Agong that year (1972) is also the present Agong (2015) and click on your sound to hear our guns fire at perfectly timed intervals.

Click here to view:

Read also my earlier post on the gun salute here:

Take care

Allen Lai

Monday, August 17, 2015