Friday, September 28, 2012

Barney Sidambaram and Albert Manaseh

Went through some old photos of mine. These two photos caught my attention.

Barney in 1970

Albert and I on a course in Manly Australia

Barney has now settled down in KL and Albert now resides in Perth, Western Australia.

Will continue to post pictures of Gunners as I get hold of them. Old photos are more meaningful. If anybody has them, I'll help them to post the photo in Sheldrake.

Take care

Allen Lai

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Through the initiative of the current Arty SchoolComdt, Lt Col Zulmajdi, all the IGs, TIGs, AIGs past and present shall gather on Saturday 29th September 2012 at the PDGCC for golf and later a Bar B Que. This is quite a momentous event, as it has not been held like this before. The occasion shall be graced by none other than the first Malaysian IG , Lt Gen Dato'Jaafar (Retired). I certainly look forward to this event as an IG who has seen so much over the years at the School and also the unit. In the old days IGs and AIGs were the norm, later came the introduction of TIGs, led by none other than "James" Jamian. He was a "Guru"of sorts to me since my YO days. I have a great deal of respect for this man for his gunnery knowledge and dedication to the Artillery. It would be great to catch up with people like Omar, Supawi, Poh, Aznan, Samsuri and a host of others. The "Gees"in those days were initially trained at Larkhill on the Salisbury Plains in the UK. Then came generations from Deolali, India, Nowshera, Pakistan. There were also some who were instructors esp.officers who attended the Advance Artillery Course at Fort Sill Oklahoma, USA. No matter where they were trained IGs and AIGs were the backbone of technical gunnery for the regiments through the School. When I was with Project Gemas, my pet desire was to ensure that the School had the best in its new home at Gemas. This has yet to materialise, and I hope that the current Gunners shall carry this beacon of hope and relentlessly pursue the agenda  to make sure that The Malaysian Artillery School is built as intended- AN INSTITUTION OF TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE - to serve the Corps and generate future Gunners with the highest level of competencies. Every Corps Chairman and Director of Artillery should take a personal interest to uphold Gunnery Excellence in Malaysia. For "ONCE A GUNNER, WE ARE, ALWAYS A GUNNER". To all the Gees, please make an effort to be there. We need to catch up on some "TIDLERS".

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pictorial Updates

These updates were taken during RAFOC Hari Raya 2012 on 9 September 2012. All Gunners look fantastic and vibrant in health.

Dato Harbans Singh

Allen Lai


Dato Hassan