Friday, June 3, 2016

Visiting Lt Kol Maskan bin Katan on 2-6-2016

Lunch time

With Maskan ( From left. Allen Lai, Lee Kong Kok, Omar Mohd, David Lam, Heerah Singh

Yesterday 5  retired Gunners visited Lt Kol Maskan bin Katan at his home in Seremban. Maskan has been ill for sometime now. He is bed-ridden but in good spirit.  The visit was well coordinated by Lt Kol Lee Kong Kok who also resides in Seremban.

We are all pleased that Maskan has recovered somewhat over the past several months when we last visisted him in the Seremban General Hospital. We will continue to pray for his speedy recovery to full health. Our visits would be a great morale booster for Maskan.

We were all treated to a sumptuous lunch at his house, whilst waiting to see him after his daily rawatan kampung.

Take care all.

Allen Lai