Saturday, October 27, 2012


Attitude is one of the most important traits in soldiering. This episode sums it up

Soldier: Sir, We are surrounded by all sides by enemies.

Major: Excellent! WE can attack in any direction.

Take care

Allen Lai

Monday, October 22, 2012

Robert Lai Kok Nong

Robert Lai

Robert Lai joined 2 ARTY in 1967. He was commissioned from the FMC SSC10th Intake. Robert had served in 1ART, 2ARTY and 3 ARTY and also served in 2 DIV and other staff appointments. He had taken optional retirement as a Major after serving almost 20 years.

We all remember Robert as a no nonsense officer, strict and very professional. He was a keen game hunter, golfer and had participated passionately in many other outdoor activities. He was a very likeable officer and easy to get along with once the ice was broken.

We became fast friends and neighbours in Kem Terendak in the 1980s. He had settled down in Kluang after leaving service. Most will remember that Robert lived an active outdoor life, hunting in the Jamaluang Johore forests , fishing and diving trips in Pulau Tioman.

Robert Lai passed away unexpectedly on 20 October 2012 leaving behind his wife Len, three married daughters and 10 grandchildren.

May you Rest in Peace, Robert. We will miss you and your contagious smiles and laughter.

Allen Lai