Tuesday, July 19, 2011




I must relate a tale of two gunner "Monsters". I use this term loosely to refer to people who fascinate me and achieve the almost unachievable (for want of a word). The first, is my mentor in some ways, Col. Allen Lai. Now, you may ask, what the heck has he done? Well, in his twilight years, he completed the KL Half Marathon!! Why? I don't know, but I will surely find out over some cold ones, sometime later, and I am sure I will have another post to write. He is simply so tech savvy now and philosophical too. The second guy, is a bloke I bumped into at the Artillery Directorate. He is WO1Asmawi. I asked him "Encik kat mana ni?"Saya RSM Kor", he replied. I was baffled. RSM Kor? Apa benda ni? He then explained that he is in Arty School and designated as the SMR Kor Artileri. A thought then flashed, "Shouldn't he be then, the RSM of the Regiment of Artillery, rather then the RSM Corps?". Aahh, thoughts ,thunk whilst thinking I say, it doesn't matter.
What impressed me most was his uniform and decorations. I then thought of Col Tan Say Loke and his remark ,"He is decorated like a Christmas Tree". He usually referred this to Commando type officers in the good ole days. Now , coming back to the good RSM.He is a .......now get this.. A FREE FALLER, AIRBORNE,PATHFINDER ETC.ETC. What more can I say? A GUNNER AT THAT!!! then he became my Facebook friend. Then I realised, in my typical expression "Bloody Hell, he was my apprentice in Paroi". This then made me recall "FROM SMALL ACORNS, GROW MIGHTY OAKS." My moral to this story,  folks, is trust the young gunners of today, be they officers or other ranks, they will bring "GLORY" to "EVERYWHERE, WHERE  RIGHT AND GLORY LEADS".
Oh ,I nearly forgot, we had a swell time golfing recently, at the inaugural x gunners golf competition for the Dato'Jaffar Trophy. Well done! Capt Amran of Sime Darby. Hey, check out the use of the cross missile & gun to signify ex gunners on the background banner.