Friday, August 29, 2014


In essence all our service life was dedicated to protect the sovereignty of our beloved nation. We are the sentinels, guardians and the wall of defence so that our citizens can live in peace,harmony and love for each other. Let us all not take these for granted. As we celebrate our independence from colonialism, let us also remember our comrades who gave life and limb to ensure our nation is safe from both external and internal threats. We shall remain true and loyal to King and Country till our last breath. It is this spirit that keeps our nation intact and progressive. We should help one another to keep Malaysia safe, clean and prosperous for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and their children's, children. 



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Colonel Baharuddin Md Diah visits 2 ARTY circa 1970

Above is group photo of 2ARTY officers during Colonel Baharuddin's visit to the Regiment in Kluang. He was then Director of the ARTY in MINDEF.  Colonel Bob Zain was CO and I was 2IC.

I wish to mention two officers who were hardly known by all, lest they are forgotten. They are Kapt Goh Siew Yoke, fifth from the left in the last row. Also Major Ng Soo Tiong seated second from the right.

Goh Siew Yoke moved on to be an rubber estate planter in the Asahan plantations. He plays the drums in the Bty band very well. We always enjoy his Chinese Cha Cha Cha beats. Siew Yoke was always cheerful and a team player.

Ng Soo Tiong was the RLO in Kota Belud Range Sabah for a long tour. Soo Tiong was elderly and was always helpful to one and all. He had since passed on. We had lost a good Gunner and a good friend.

Allen Lai

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2 ARTY Pioneer group of officers

Hi all,

I chance upon another gem in my "archive",  seven Mat Sallehs sitting all in a row. This is a photo taken in 2 ARTY in Taiping circa 1965. These are the pioneers of 2ARTY formed up in 1964. Seventeen Gunners officers in all. There are more guns than officers in the Regiment.

Anybody remember their names? I still remember some only.

 Lets see:

Sitting Left to Right

Johan Hew (BK D Bty) , Mat Salleh QM, Barney Cottam (BC F Bty) , Mat Salleh Adjutant, Webb (C0) Huching (2IC / BC HQ Bty) , Wigglesworth  ( BC D Bty) , John Lane (BC E Bty) and Mustapha Saad (BK E Bty).

Standing Left to Right

RSM Harun, Wong Hing Jee ( OC LAD), Bernand Nonis, Pan Kong Leong, Aziddin, Hng Hung Meng, Albert Manaseh, Paul Pulendren,  Meor (Paymaster), Allen Lai and Aris Salem

Lying right in front is Barney's lovely black Labrador Retriever. The dog is always with him in the Regt., especially in his office and gun park. The dog also loves field trips to Asahan.

Correct me if I am wrong, Barney Cottam was one of the last British Gunners to serve in Malaysia. After F Bty he went on to command S Bty 31 Arty serving into the 1970s. Barney Cottam was quite an eccentric officer. He had also served in the Gurkha Regiment in Nepal as an Infantry Officer, before coming to Malaysia.

RSM Harun was one of the best RSM ever. He had "put me on the square" once when he had caught me wandering in the parade square casually and aimlessly. He was very strict with both the Ors and officers alike. He was later commissioned as a QM in 1ARTY.

Anybody can remember them?

Allen Lai