Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get the Gunners to Take Post

Dear Fellow Gunners,
With the effort of a brave few, we shall have a part time staff manning the command post soon in May 09. This person shall basically handle all association affairs as it occurs. We shall publish phone contact lines etc. soon. Meanwhile, your FIRE MISSION is to get to many gunners as possible, including ORs to register. Yes, gentlemen, we need the numbers. So, do your bid in between "Tiddlers"to help get our gun positions together. Till then, keep them barrels well oiled and the gunpowder dry.

Posting Comments

Please be informed that I have created a moderation for comments. So, just post your comments and I shall do the needful. The reason I did this was to keep the blog "politically correct" and also have some control over things. Please bear with me. If you believe that you can contribute on an ongoing basis, without advertising yourself or business, I can set it up so that you can also do postings. Let's see how it goes first. In any case, simply post your comments first.

And The Curtain Opens

This is to inform all Ex Gunners that the PERSATUAN ARTILERI MALAYSIA (The Gunners Club) has been formed. The 1st protem committee meeting was held on 7th April 2009 at the below address. The protem committee Chairman, Maj Gen Dato Abdul Wahid presided the meeting with Dato Jaffar, Dato Hadi, Lt Col Masuod, Lt Col Hamzah, Lt Col Hamdan, Lt Col Aziz Majeed, Maj Rama in attendance. Extracts of the meeting are as follows:
1. The office of Business shall be at No 307A, Melawati Square, Pusat Bdr Tmn Melawati, KL. (Tel 03-41084518)
2. Membership is open to all members of the Artillery Corps who had since left the military service.
3. Membership drive will commence forthwith
4. Subscriptions for Ex-Officer: Entrance is RM100/= & Annual Fee is RM 50/= whilst Ex-Other Ranks: Entrance is RM 30/= and Annual Fee is RM10/=
5. With sufficient members, the 1st General meeting will be held soon. Date & Place of meeting will be notified.6. A draft Rules of the Club has been forwarded to ROS for approval.7. Queries & Membership submission can be made to the address below.
Please treat this message as an information for all Gunners of the establishment of the "Persatuan Artileri Malaysia" & we cordially invite you to be part of the membership drive. Please look forward for the inaugural General Meeting.
Yours sincerely,
Secretary,Protem Committee, Persatuan Artileri Malaysia
Major Ganeson Alwar, Retired (019-3179154)No 307A, Melawati Square,Pusat Bandar Taman Melawati53100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.e-mail: getganeson@hotmail.com