Sunday, September 13, 2009


I suppose that it is the season again for joy, family gatherings, blessings and generally goodwill. I simply cannot forget a brother officer- my guru, MQ neighbour and who also served in Arty School with me ; he is none other than Capt (TIG) Jamian. To me he was a grand example of a decent human being. His manners were impeccable. His work attitude- unbelievable. His loyalty -beyond question. His competency - unquestionable. I learnt a lot from this gentleman - humility was perhaps his best quality. In the light of recent events in this country, I always reflect on what Jamian is and say to myself "Why can't be there more Jamians in this country?" I can still recall a conversation with him during Ramadhan where he mentioned that sometimes people can express unhappiness when Hari Raya comes about as they have to end their fast for the almighty, which they consider not as a religious chore but a privileged sacrifice to God. My God! What a profound philosophy!

I often used to recall my Hari Rayas in deep jungle gun positions and for added spirit we dressed up in clean celoreng for the day. To be ominously ceremonious, we arranged a make do table with the usual goodies that were sent days ahead (some of it already scoffed, I must say) and made it a point to breakfast together. You will not believe the ingenuity of making ketupat and lemang in deep jungle given the circumstances. Rice was saved from rations for this event. As for celebrity fireworks - if you are a gunner, you will know. I cannot divulge this in open. Yes, in our own lonely environment without our dear ones, we did celebrate among brothers at arms. These are my highly cherished moments.

I end with a hearty "SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITHRI" and a selamat berpuasa for the remaing days. I wonder if 4 Arty will invite me over for their rumah terbuka?????