Thursday, August 30, 2012

What have I been doing?

What have I been doing?  I have been asked this question time and time again. It is now like a greeting, matter of fact question or worse still a salutation.  I'll let my recent photos answer the question.

I do a lot of this in my neighbourhood

Weekends on this

Monday and Wednesday mornings

Sweat on this

To get this satisfaction

Nothing beats this moment

Chill out with the gang

To celebrate a new year younger

 To keep the mind active and crazy with my Macbook Air

To listen to my Oncologist

To have hope to live another year to be with you.

Take care all
Allen Lai

Pictorial updates

I had attended the lunch for Major(Rtd)  Chin Kai Fong hosted by Lt Gen (Rtd) Aziz Hassan held at the KGPA on Tuesday 28 August 2012.

I took the opportunity to take the pictures of old gunners as it is as now. Most are in good health, and as expected, some a bit on the heavy side. A privilege for the aged. All are in good spirit and we chatted about old times and our ladies their old stories. It was a nice and pleasant get-together and reflected well in our esperit de corps. I'll let the photos below tell on us.

Omar Mohammad

Ho Wah Juan



Chin Kai Fong

 Dato Jaafar Mohammad

Timmy Masoud

Adam Hon

Maskan Katan

 Dato Aziz Hasan

Chin Kai Fong

Dato Mokhtar Perman

David Lam

Section of us

David Lam and dato Ramli

 David Lam and Dato Ramli

Take care

Allen Lai

Chin Kai Fong

Major (Rtd) Chin Kai Fong

It has been about 30 plus years since we met. Major (Rtd) Chin Kai Fong and wife came back for a brief visit to Malaysia. Major Chin Kai Fong had migrated to Perth Australia and had made good for himself and his family. Chin, Maskan , Pan and myself had attended our YO course in the School of Artillery UK in 1965.

Lt Gen (Rtd) Aziz Hassan hosted a lunch on Tuesday for about 20 old timers to welcome Major Chin Kai Fong and wife. Thanks to Kol (Rtd) Sam, Rama and Ganeson who had called up most of us present. We had a delightful reunion with our wives.

Mrs Chin with Kak Salmah

Major Chin and his wife are in the best of health and looks younger than their age. His Character and charisma had never altered. It is the same old same old Chin that we know in the sixties. Major Chin was commissioned to 1 Arty then in Sg Besi and had later served in 3 Arty. He was and still is as strong as an ox. He could run the 100 meters under 11 secs, giving competition to Lt Col (rtd, Deseased) Mustapha Saad and Mej Gen (Rtd) Jack Wahid.

Major Chin now resides in Perth with his family. We wish him good health, good luck and come home more often.

Allen Lai