Tuesday, August 18, 2015

An amazing experience of firing a 84 Gun salute

Actual Photo curtesy of AP's video archive

I had the honour to fire the gun salute for our Captain General Queen Elizabeth II's first visit to Malaysia on 23 February 1972 at Port Klang. AND hence was the first ever Malaysian Gunner to fire the rare traditional 84 gun salute for her majesty's visit. a rare honour indeed.

I did some research for the visit, as come next year, we will be celebrating Ubique 300. The RA will be 300 years old and I was part of its history. I was delighted to find a video of the Captain General's visit archived by the Associated Press (AP)

Do note that our Agong that year (1972) is also the present Agong (2015) and click on your sound to hear our guns fire at perfectly timed intervals.

Click here to view:


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