Monday, May 17, 2010

Enemy Attack Plan

17 May 2010 0900 hours

The enemy’s attack plan and tactics are quite complex but reasonably straightforward. The CO of the Oncology Regiment is responsible to study the enemy’s organization, growth, maneuver and attack plans. He is responsible to prepare damage control and counter attack plans.

By and large the enemy comes from our own troops which had mutinied and changed their uniforms. There are as many as 150 different types of enemy, each type depending on where they prefer to lodge in. Big Charlie is the common name given to them. But we know each type is very individual and has different levels of aggressiveness. The enemy quietly digs in and hide inside our terrain for up to five years sometimes. They greet new agents known as carcinogens and form alliances with them. They then grow from strength to strength in a standard drill called inflammation and the enemy will very quickly form a firm base in our weakest areas. These bases are both soft gel like lumps or hard benign tumors. Sometimes some bases are false alarms, these are malignant tumours. The enemy’s preparation stage are stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3. They then start to maneuver and metastases throughout our terrain at stage 4, via strategic junctions and routes. Some aggressive enemies breakout even at stage two.

The enemy in stage 1 is cleverly camouflaged and lie below radar sights and other modern monitoring sensors. It is almost impossible to detect them. They are sometimes detected only by accident by a GD regimental officer investigating and probing other threats. The enemy in stage two is still very careful in not revealing itself. Generally it does not leave any telltale signs nor any symptoms suspecting of its existence. Our infantry patrols and Koris reports do sometime pick up their clandestine activities. The enemy in stage three is fairly bold and aggressive. They are fairly detectable and arrogantly attack our weak points. There will be frequent contacts and firefights with own troops. The enemy breaks out in a blitzkrieg in stage 4. This is their home run so to speak. They are almost unstoppable. The Chemo approach is the only known counter attack, normally after radiological and surgical counter attacks. Kill the enemy or be killed.

The enemy is quite clever and does not kill us directly. They are great eaters and consume all our supplies and our troops will start to suffer and die from malnutrition’s. We will be wasted away, literally. I cannot describe the enemy’s activities in my terrain as I did not detect them until stage three. The enemy, thankfully is quite docile and did not create any symptoms or fuss. I detected my enemy through a late PSA investigation because I had difficulty in peeing. But then it is a natural phenomena for the aged, hence I had neglected my regular PULHEEMS.

Lesson No 6.

An old lesson but never learnt. Prevention is better than cure.

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