Saturday, May 22, 2010

Counter attack

The counter attack has always been a commander’s nightmare. When do we counter attack? When is our position really, really untenable ? Untenable is always our keyword. So hard to define. Yes, we have our local counter attacks plans in place. But when should we trigger our main counter attack ?

The enemy is well contained and successfully bombarded with my Fireplan HUKM. Phase 2 was even more intense. I am at the tail end of my fireplan phase 2. I have suffered heavy casualties. I am fully exhausted and just barely coping with my collateral damages. My troops are in their last stage of grouping. Latest sitreps are very encouraging and intreps have been reporting that the enemy is in complete disarray. I am ready to launch my main counter attack.

I had done my appreciation . I conclude that there are 3 main options with several approaches in each of the option. I have listed them below:


1. Classical approach.

a. Hormone therapy.

b. Radiotherapy internal, external administered.

c. Surgical.

d. Chemotherapy.

e. Immunotherapy – Provenge.

2. Traditional or alternative approach.

a. Diet plan.

b. Change lifestyle plan.

c. Exercise plan.

d. Need for enzymes.

e. Need for good metabolism.

3. Spiritual approach.

a. Prayers.

b. Meditation.

c. Hypnotism.

d. Imagery.

I have applied some of the above approaches as follows:

Options 1a, 1b, 2c, 3a and 3d.

These counter attack approaches have been successful todate. I will now begin with options 2a, 2b, 2 d and 2e. These approaches will complete my main counter attack plan.

Allen Lai

Lesson learnt No 7

We should adopt elements of approaches 2 and 3 above to avoid approach 1.

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