Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Battle Plans

2 May 2010 0800 hrs

I am back at the frontline again. Glad to be back to take personal charge of the battle. We are halfway through our Fire Plan. We had agreed to 30 fire missions and we had fired 13 missions todate. Target analysis had just come in and we are pleased that we are on time and on targets. Target analysis under the PSA format and score line came down from 20 plus points to 2.34 points to finally 1.44 points. These results showed that our fireplans are effective and on track.

I am glad to have concrete alliance with the best elite forces in the country. HUKM have tremendous expertise and experience in destroying the enemy. HUKM have very specialized and seasoned personnel and fire units. HUKM had proposed a dual approach to eliminate the enemy. Firstly we need to contain the enemy and stabilize the situation. HUKM proposed to do this by using the Hormone Line as the first line of attack to force the enemy to dig in, and to stop a blitzkrieg. The Hormone attack plan had paid off nicely despite some minor setbacks and side effects in our terrain. The Hormone attack plan had completely caught the enemy by surprise. The enemy retreated and had dug in and moved into their defence phase. We had successfully contained the enemy for destruction.

Having contained the enemy, HUKM proposed a NBC attack, particularly a Radiological attack. Standard NATO High Explosive shells are not effective. We will fire 30 fire missions at 10 seconds intervals, at selected High Value Targets. We had selected 7 HVTs in the enemy’s Vital ground. The Fire Plan scheduled 4 fire missions on each HVT. We had agreed to accept a calculated loss of own troops as casualties in the vicinity of the target areas. This is most unfortunate and we pray that our frontline troops recover, reorg, and regroup quickly to continue to maintain the momentum on the ground attacks.

Whilst HUKM’s main twin attack plans were in place, I had taken additional steps to cut off the enemy’s supplies and food and also to reinforce our own forces resources. I had been too aggressive in the support plan that had resulted some setbacks in the admin areas, particularly with shortages of toilets in the field. HUKM quickly addressed the situation and had advised me to delay my support plans to poison the enemy’s supplies and to enhance our troops fighting capabilities. I agreed and had put my support plans on hold for the time being.

The battle continues.

Lesson learnt No.1

Spend time to be fit or spend time to be sick.

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  1. Soldier on you brave soldier, no stopping! I admire you as a brave soldier...