Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Visit to the gun position

Siemens Mevatron Radiation Accelerator

11 MAY 2010 1130 hrs

As the battle fiercely rages on, I visited the gun position of the In Direct Support Regiment. (Radiology Unit).
As at today my ORBAT have increased with the following units:

In Direct Support and at priority call for Fireplan HUKM

1. Oncology Regiment HUKM
2. Radiology Regiment HUKM
In support

1. GS (Urology) Regiment HUKM
2. GS (Medical)Regiment Putrajaya
3. GS (Ophthalmology) Regiment Putrajaya
4. GS (Orthopedic) Regiment Putrajaya

All the batteries in the Radiology Regiment are equipped with the high powered Siemens Mevatron Linear accelerators. (See picture above). This radiation linear accelerator equipment is very versatile and can fire up to 15 Megavolts. It fires Photons and Electrons measured in Greys (GY).
Fireplan HUKM was planned by the CO of the Oncology Regiment. The CO had ordered 7 targets to be fired with at least 4 missions per target. Each target is fired upon for 10 seconds.
The target list was then circulated to all fire units. The Radiology Regiment having received the target list will then use the data as predicted targets. The predicted target list is then placed over scanned images of the terrain. I was then called into a simulation room to confirm the targets in my terrain. A full survey and mapping exercise will be conducted by the survey and BDP personnel. The targets are then registered and sent to the fire units. Survey data will be circulated to all units. And all units will be upgraded Divisional Grid.
In the gun position I was met by the Bty Comd, a survey officer, a BDP personnel and one gun number. The BDP personnel and gun number are lady personnel. A full survey and marking of the targets in the terrain will be conducted and lines passed to the guns. Center of arcs will be marked in the terrain. Four registered will be fired on a daily basis. My fireplan have always been on time and on target. We have successfully finished 20 fire missions todate. Target analysis have just come in and my PSA reading has fallen further to 1.44. We are on track to victory. Thank you all.
The CO is now planning a Phase 2 to the Fireplan.

Allen Lai

Lessons No 3.

Prevention is the only and best cure for Cancer. Take care always.

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  1. This is incredible reading Sir!Keep it coming. I am loving the analogy with gunner joo joo, and also being educated. Keep the gunpowder dry and the barrels clear for the fierce assault fires and LDSF. I am at your command for able assistance.