Sunday, February 15, 2015

Least We Forget

As with Rama, I am always delighted to visit the the many war memorials and RSLs in Australia. Least we forget. 

Australia is a great country which had fought in almost all the great wars and war conflicts in morden times, though none of the wars and conflicts were directly a case against Australia itself. Australia had contributed their Aussie Diggers as a British colony, a UN force, a coalition force or as a Peacekeeper. Australia erected war memorials in every corner of the continent/state/community to honour their fallen sons. 

Least they forget.

Australia also established the Returned and Services Leagues of Australia (RSL), a national organisation for veterans and serving members of the Australian Defence Force. The RSL not only provide assistance and help to its members and families, the RSL also operate outlets to offer recreation and meals at consession prices to their members. The RSL outlets are open to the public. It is a great place to chill out. Great commarderie throughout.

The Aim and Objectives of the RSL are:

To perpetuate the close ties of friendship created by mutual service in the Australian Defence Force or allied forces, to maintain a proper standard of dignity and honour among all past and present serving members of the Defence Force and to set an example of public spirit and noble hearted endeavour;
To preserve the memory and records of those who suffered and died for Australia;
To provide for the sick and wounded and needy among those who have served and their dependents including pensions, medical attention, homes and suitable employment;
To inculcate loyalty to the Nation, to guard the good name and preserve the interests and standing of members of the Defence Force; and
To promote our policy on national questions, particularly:

the unity of the Commonwealth of Nations,
the Defence of Australia
the maintenance of a sustainable and selective immigration policy
the development of a national Defence infrastructure and Defence industry, and
the promotion and proper employment of the nation's natural resources. 

Visit the RSL Virtual War memorial. An effort worth emulating.

It would be nice if our Armed Forces Veterans organise a setup along the lines of the RSL. Least we forget.

Allen Lai

Once a Gunner

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