Wednesday, November 4, 2009


As we approach the year's end, we get into the wind down, holiday mood. For gunners though, it is different. Universally, Gunners,Sappers,Ordnance and Firemen celebrate St. Barbara's Day in December. St.Barbara is the patron saint for the people involved in the organisations as mentioned, but, generally to all involved with explosives. A wonderful tale to read about,but, let's keep that for another occasion.
You may not know it ,but, some very busy ex gunners have been going around doing work to put an event in place that shall bring all retired gunners together. Yes, it is all about our long awaited GUNNERS CLUB. A gathering shall be held in KL, on a fine Saturday morning in December 2009. The Pro-tem Committee has had a few meetings, and also started travelling the length and breath of the country to garner support. The team has also visited some of our beloved, retired, senior gunner officers, to seek their blessings, advice and also support. So far, things are moving as planned. I shall post details once they are finalised. So, meanwhile, you are all welcome to do your bid to spread the word, be there and of course offer your ideas, suggestions and views. It goes without saying that, the success of this endeavour rests on all our shoulders. In fact, the club is us.

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