Tuesday, November 17, 2009


AWOL? Me ? No not me, but missing from this blog ? Yes.

Ok I confess, I did not run away nor was hiding from everybody and everything. I'll even do a SD that I was around. Ya maybe a  retractable SD.
Here is the truth of the matter. I have never been more busier in my life. More busy that pre ARTEP preparations.

I have been blogging with a vengeance. Like there is no tomorrow. I managed to put up two more blogs and a website in 10 days. I did the unthinkable. I joined the Pacesetters Athlete Club Malaysia. I have since done the  NB 15 Km Run and the KLIM Half Marathon with good timings to boot.

 I met up with the Pacesetters Putrajaya Area Group Leader and we decided to run a membership drive. So I did a website ( still under construction) and a blog to support our activities.

Pacesetters Putrajaya Area Group Website

Pacesetters Putrajaya Area Group Blog

I also picked up cycling as a support activity to my running. They say runners should also have different type of exercises as cross training. I have since cycled in the Ulu Langat areas which is very hilly, and to PD which is not so challenging but good for long distance rides. I did a personal blog for my rides, to keep up with peer pressures. All cool riders have their own blogs. 

My personal blog

OK , I'll return to the war front as soon as I am done with the above blogs and website.


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