Saturday, June 20, 2009


I just lost a dear gunner buddy, none other than Maj. Alan James Campbell RAA retd. He died of lung complications yesterday in Townsville Australia. Alan and his lovely wife Claire lived with us in Seremban when Alan was on the AAATM exchange programme at Arty School Paroi in 84/85. He was instrumental in setting us forth in the discipline of Locating Arty, being a locater himself. He was here on a short visit in May this year and he walked memory lane, starting from what is left of Paroi.Gunners, somehow go beyond the boundaries of normal friendship, simply because we are gunners. "Farewell Alan, I learnt a lot from you, and still own some of your pamphlets on training,I pray that your soul rests in peace."


  1. Yes, it was really, really sad to hear about Alan's untimely demise. He was a great friend and a mentor to me. I remember we were in the Artillery School together when he was the first Locating Wing OC. He was then transferred to the Tactics wing and I took over from him. He also ran the first locating course in Malaysia which in a sense set up the basis for Locating Artillery in Malaysia.
    From a personal perspective, he was a great friend together with his wife Claire. I truly enjoyed our time together in the Arty School and kept in touch with him over the years. There was so much that I learnt from him and I am truly grateful. The memories of my friendship with him will remain forever. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. I am sad to learn of Major Alan Cambell's recent demise. I wish to offer my deepest condolence to Major Alan's wife and family. Though I have not served in the same Artillery unit or school with him, I had met and interacted with Major Alan whilst he was seconded to us. I am sure many of us would have attended courses conducted by him in our Arty School. And I am sure he will be well remembered in our Corp. Thank you Major Alan. May you rest in peace.

  3. Hi all,
    Whilst I have always loved to attend as many getogether/reunions as possible, I feel that there are some Gunners who may be unable to attend the functions due to age,invalid,self recluse,illness, etc etc. I feel that once a while we make a point to meet such Gunners who had been 'isolated' eg. Jimmy Jamaluddin who is not too well lately. Can I have a feedback if we can visit Jimmy as a group on a weekend. This will certainly cheer him up. We can follow up with other visits every month or so.
    Just a suggestion and warmest regards
    Allen Lai

  4. Gunners are a privileged lot and you are the first group of people to know about this new term in this country.

    Anyway, here's a slight correction on how this word is pronounced, in Malay:

    Cara menyebutnya pelik sedikit dimana 'CAK' di baca sebanyak dua harakat dan 'K' bersabdu dan diidghamkan. 'KAR', 'RU' dan 'KIN' pula dibaca dengan satu harakat sahaja tiap-tiap satu.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

    Capt. (Rtd) Hussaini Abdul Karim