Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Old school

After my last post sharing my experience in Larkhill range, I realised that fire discpline language has changed a lot. From “Mike Target” to “Fire Mission Regiment.”

Yes language is a living thing and it changes over time and environment. OMG (Oh My God) looks more like an oil grading. YAHOO sounds like a happy Tarzen getting ready to mate. Xcome is not coming. And we cannot stop to protest that we are old school and connot understand the new language.

Fire discipline is the precise language between the OPO, GPO and guns. It is the language for fire orders. It is meant to be the holy grail of gunnery. We must be very precise and it should be without any ambiquity, particularly when interoperating with other artilleries in the world.

Allow me to mention some old weird language as I remember them, least we forget them. These fire orders had served in many world wars and campaigns.

Position corrections
Go left/Go right
Fire by order
Empty guns
Line corrections
Clinometer laying 
Go on
Stand easy
Bad ram
Stand by

How many of the above fire orders are still being used or remembered ?

Allen Lai
Old school circa 1960s

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