Friday, January 10, 2014

Of Wallahs, Dei ! and Cilaka.........

Oh How I missed these words of endearments. What?

Back in those days we had wonderful and endearing words, that are if not used, we are not Gunners.
Wallah this, Wallah that, That C Bty Wallah…, Dei what is this? We had used such Malaysian words which bonds more than upsets.

Wallah is defined in the English dictionary as an Indian suffix indicating a person involved in that something . eg dobhi wallah. An Auto- Wallah is a rickshaw puller.

So a C Bty Wallah would come from C Bty. We would use Wallah all the time. Don’t we now? I am 1 ARTY Wallah.

Dei again is of Indian origin as in What? So is Acha and Aiyoh so fondly heard from Lt Colonel Tony Morel.

What say we have Samy afixed to Anthonysamy for Lt Colonel Tony Chia Eng Lim. We would never call him anything but, and I am mostly prefixed with Cilaka Allen Lai. And of course we have Chinaman Chong, as if Lt Colonel Chong Kok Heng is not Chinese. And of course too, Pinkie Pan for Major Steven Pan Kong Leong. He actually pinks out after a few drinks. Not red.

Yes I won’t mention the four letters words in suffixes and descriptions that also bonds. Sometimes abbreviated as FU. You Bastard is also an acceptable adjective. Believe me.

Anyone want to follow up this post from here? Bring the language back into the Regiments. Colours Bahasa Malaysia well.

Take care and Gunners, lets bond again. Acha.

Cilaka Allen Lai

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