Monday, June 25, 2012


My Bty was supporting an operation conducted by 2 RAMD in Lundu, Sarawak. We had two guns in Lundu itself. We had A1 info that the enemy was preparing to ambush the admin convoy that ran between Lundu and Biawak on the Malaysian / Indonesian border. This stretch of road had its fair share of enemy ambushes in the past years. The admin convoy basically comprise two to three 3 toners with two armour APCs as escorts..

A1 intelligence info were hard to come by. Most intelligence reports were graded F9. So whenever we get an A1 report, it would be acted upon speedily. 3 Bde comd decided to offer a bait to the enemy. Ops Umpan was a simple ruse. Reinforce the admin trucks with concealed heavy weapons. Two 3 tonners were modified to have a twin GPMGs on both sides of the vehicle. It was heavily sandbaged and carried a section of riflemen wearing bullet proof vests and NATO helmets. The truck's side canopy was also modified to drop at the pull of a lever, exposing the GPMGs. Outside ration truck, Inside twin GPMGs, M79, grenades and brave souls.

The admin schedule was to be maintained and the route between Lundu and Biawak were given Report Lines and predicted targets listed every 800 meters. Two rifle companies were place in reserve on immediate stand by mode for deployment upon enemy ambush of the admin convoy. My guns in Lundu would be preloaded and laid on to the predicted targets as the convoy progressed to Biawak. The armour comd was to report, when they had passed the Report Lines. Repeat procedure for return journeys.

My role was to ride airborne shotgun and air OP from an Allouette. I would be airborne at a comfortable distance from the route , flying in low circles like an eagle hawk. Watching and waiting to strike.

I would take off in the allouette, my guns loaded and laid, the two standby companies assembled, and the decoy moves out. We would wait for the ambush to be sprung by the enemy. Canopies drop, Twin GPNS blazing away its awesome 7.62 rounds at the enemy. One of my guns would fire, The two companies deploy immediately. I would go straight into the ambush area and adjust the fall of shot.

The above did not take place.

The enemy did not take the bait and the Bde comd called off the ops after three weeks. The Bde comd then ordered the two rifle companies to sweep clear both sides of the route. Two recently prepared ambushed sites were found, but abandoned. Why did the enemy not strike?

Good Luck, Bad Luck, Maybe.

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