Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goodbye Gunners, Farewell.

Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye. You left us too soon as did Nasaruddin. Both of you left without saying goodbyes. But it is our fault really. We do know time and tide and living waits for no man. We took things for granted. I apologise for not visiting you, Jimmy, in recent times. Nasaruddin, I am sorry too, but I do not know you too well save our meetings at Corp celebrations, parades and other activities. But Jimmy I have no excuses.

I do not wish to write eulogies herein, as I do not qualify, nor know how to write one.

I know Jimmy in the 60s as we had served in 2 Arty days in Taiping and in Kluang.  We are of the same vintage, Jimmy had more cross postings to Air Defence units and I had been a field Gunner all my career. Jimmy lived life to his fullest. Always with his contagious smile, no matter what. I had always admired Jimmy's matureness and confidence. This is something I will always remember of Jimmy.

Jimmy's passing is a wake up call to me to keep in touch more often, and what better way than to do so by sharing and writing our musings in this blog. You made come back to contribute what I can in this blog by Gunners for Gunners.

Jimmy, we will all miss you. Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye. I upload a popular song in our era with the same title sentiments.

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