Friday, September 30, 2011


Corps Chairman taking the Salute
Saturday 24th September 2011 again witnessed the annual ritual of the Arty Corps Day celebrations at 51 RAD in Gemas. This celebration was postponed from August due to the month of Ramadan. As traditional, the Corps Chairman took the salute and a full fledged parade ensued. Following the parade was the usual gathering in the Dewan for some refreshments. It seemed like a slightly toned down affair this year. Also noticed was a sharp decrease in ex gunners presence. On enquiring, I was later enlightened that it was also the wedding season and most of the old boys were busy organising for their children, relatives etc. I was very happy to at last meet my Mahaguru Capt. (TIG) Jamian and his current better half (his first wife sadly passed away due to illness sometime ago; a lovely lady she was, I recall). Anyway, Jamian or James as we nicknamed him is an icon in the Artillery. I first met him as a YO student in 1975, when he was an Sgt AIG at the Arty Wing in LATEDA, Port Dickson.  Then he was in the regiment (3 Arty) with me, and finally, we were colleagues again at the Arty Wing and then at Arty School Paroi. We were also neighbours at the MQ in Seremban. I fondly share many memories with James.

Capt (TIG) Jamian (Retd) & wife

A Smart Salute

On Wednesday 28th September 2011, again in Gemas, was somewhat a replica parade. This time it was a farewell parade for Maj. Gen. Dato' Haniff bin Othman and the lovely Datin Mazznah. The good Dato' retires from service after almost 38 years. His last appointment was as the Commandant of the Staff College at Haigate.
Dato' and family, and my family, go way back in our relationship. Dato'Haniff and I were young officers together in 3 Arty Taiping during the haydays of the seventies. I still remember Datin and Dato'when they were courting too. Aaah...those were the days of Mess Partys or Yeah Yeahs as we called them.
Dato'and I were also IGs in Arty Wing and later at Arty School Paroi. As we age we only have these memories to link us, and I cherish them all.
HAPPY RETIREMENT DATO'& DATIN! I am sure the Artillery shall always remember you. By the way, I shall drop in to visit the General soon with a Gunners Club membership form.

A Gunner's Gun Ride of Pride with his Bride

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