Tuesday, January 11, 2011


MALAYSIA has a relatively short history compared with the United States, Russia, China, India, Britain and Egypt. Many of our history makers or those who contributed to our history are still alive They were around before the formation of the Federation of Malaysia; before, during and immediately after the Second World War including the British occupation of Malaya; the Japanese occupation; the Malayan Emergency; the formation of the Federation of Malaysia and events such as the May 13 tragedy.
These may be ordinary people who served as civil servants, ministers, politicians, worked in the private sector, the military and the police, universities, teachers, writers, journalists, community leaders or members of royalty.They may also have been witnesses to events and incidents which were part of our history. We have people who are going to, or have already hit, the century mark who were either history-makers or who had contributed to our history.If there are doubts about the correctness and accuracy of our recorded history, consult them.I believe they can verify the facts about the events that took place.Perhaps some are direct descendants, relatives or close associates of history makers or people who contributed to our history.
Being privy to such events and incidents, these people definitely know our history.Some of these families, I believe, also have historical records which are now family heirlooms. It is quite unfortunate that the historical records of one of our better known families have been sent to Singapore for safekeeping because the descendants felt keeping them here was not the best option.
Members of the Historical Society of Malaysia and History teachers can also be roped in to help check and verify the accuracy of our recorded history.
So let’s get cracking and start calling up all these people and put our history right once and for all. Stop arguing and start working on other more important things.


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