Friday, August 20, 2010


A couple of weeks ago an idea was mooted to visit the exact location of Kem Kajang. This is the place, if we recall where it all began in 1957 for the Malaysian Artillery. That day was a Saturday morning and the RV was along Jalan Bukit at the last known camp location. The team was headed by Dato'Jaafar himself with Dato' Hadi, Maj.Ganeson and yours truly. Two reliable guides were roped in to provide accurate historical perspectives - QM Hamid & QM Zahir.
Like true gunners, all were at the RV at the appointed time. Yes, we discovered that there is no trace whatsoever, of the camp. Straddling the road was a hardware yard on one side and on Lot 5 Seksyen 10 stood the New Era College.
So much for progress eradicating all traces of history. The least we could do was to record something. Then Dato' Hadi put pen to paper and the 'pioneers'started rattling away about the layout of the camp. After much discussion and corrections, based on sheer memory,a fairly accurate layout sketch revealed itself. "If only we had an old bird's eye view photo", I thought to myself.
Next on the agenda was to visit the Kampong Paya area, where it was recalled that some of the gunners rented homes to stay. A kind gentleman watching us loitering, invited us over to his nursery and treated us with snacks and drinks, whilst trading old stories. QM Zahir, being the typical host that he is, insisted that all arrangements has been made for a coffee break at his house, and no excuses shall be accepted. With little choice left, we convoyed to his home. A fantastic spread awaited us and more old stories came out from both QMs. My most memorable phrase was when Zahir recalled his Sergeant Major telling him as a gunner - "You Zahir, are like a lighted bulb, painted black on the outside- you will remain in the gunner rank with no future". We laughed out loud at the analogy and the misprediction as Zahir made it to Major(QM) rank when he retired. According to Zahir, it all started with good hand writing - that's another story which shall be told on our next outing. Any suggestions, anyone?

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  1. Good job Gunners,

    I never served in Kajang. I believe there will be lots of stories to tell. QM Zahir is a god Gunner. He'll have lots of stories to share. Get somebody to record from him to post here.

    Allen Lai