Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Total Victory

Today, six weeks passed my final assault and fireplan, all surveillance, damage assessments and intelligence reports are in.

The CO Oncology Regiment had called for an O group in his Tac HQ. It has been a total victory for us. Both the tactical approaches of Hormone and Radiotherapy were very effective. Radiation shelling were all on targets. No more signs of active enemy. All dead and gone. Dead and gone without a trace. PSA reports 0.09 down from an all time high of 27. There were collateral damages, but within acceptable levels.

I am glad that I had learnt my target acquisition, target survey and application of fire well. Our fireplan was effective because of the correct weight of fire, concentration, precision  and target plan. A big thank you to HUKM personnel's professionalism.

The next course of action for me is to do another appreciation of the situation. I must now secure the objectives, hold all ground and move rapidly into defence phase. I need to send out surveillance patrols to seek out any more enemy lurking around. 

Thank you everybody for your morale support and hope you had learnt something from my experiences. 

Happy Hour anybody ? A toast to the guns.

Allen Lai

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  1. What wonderful news Sir!God bless you and the family. Well, as they say, "tough times don't last,but, tough people do", and you certainly are one helluva tough guy; both spiritually and physically, not also forgetting mentally.Happy hour it is- Friday?