Saturday, October 3, 2009


It was a pleasant occasion today. I dropped by to attend Brig Gen Dato' Haniff's open house in Seremban. His delightful hospitality, and Datin Maznah's gentle demeanour always impresses me. Our families go way back in terms of relationship.Here was an opportunity of a lifetime. We easily mingled; past and present officers and men. There was a significant international presence, as Staff College foreign students (some with families) were there to taste the Malaysian spirit of Hari Raya. The good Dato' is the Commandant of the College, and in my opinion, has done great diplomatic service to include the foreigners in our local traditions. Well Done Dato'!! I was certainly taken aback to bump into George Edward Keyworth,a retired Sargent Major from my 3 Arty days. We talked of the good old days, and he managed to jog my memory a bit of past personalities and events. Such events are a melting pot of our culture and they developed over the years. I wonder if our future generations will continue? Or just discard it as a waste of time. Finally, I must say the food was "C├ęst Magnifique".

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